The generic term “stones” is used to define those materials that normally do not take a polish; this group includes rather hard rocks such as porphyry, gneiss and quartzite, as well as milder materials such as sandstone, tuff and peperino. Thanks to their good mechanical features, these materials have historically been used as dimension stone as well as for decorative applications in capitals, plinths and friezes for places and buildings of particular importance.

Oker »

Creme Du Provence »

Blue Chevernie

Blue Chevernie »

Rose Laurents

Rose Laurents »

Damask Gold

Damask Gold »


Heliodoro »

Fountaine Clare

Fountaine Clare »

Magny Louvre

Magny Louvre »

Moca Creme

Moca Creme »


Capri »


Beauharnais »

Beaumaniere Classic

Beaumaniere Classic »


Moleanos »


Richeval »

Gascogne Blue

Gascogne Blue »

Picture Stone

Picture Stone »

Teak Wood

Teak Wood »

Pietra di Vicenza

Pietra di Vicenza »

Pietra Dorata

Pietra Dorata »

Peperino Grigio

Peperino Grigio »

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