Quartzites are metamorphic rocks subjected to very high temperatures and pressures; they typically have a light colour and a medium-grain; when they contain mica and quartz, they split naturally and this also makes them ideal for roof tiles and split processing in general (as for slates).
Quartzite is a very resistant material (hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale) and can also be used for external paving, passageways and cladding.
They are often associated with granites, since they share a similar composition (they both have prevalent silicate content) and performance characteristics.
They can also be honed to the same degree of polish as granites.

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Quarzite Grey »

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Porto Rose

Porto Rose »

Saint Louis

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Azul Bochira

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Azul Macauba

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Azul Imperial Venato

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Azul Imperial

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Quarzite Corallo

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Quarzite Flamingo

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Quarzite Rosa Ambra

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Quarzite Rosa

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