Travertine is a very porous sedimentary limestone, formed by the deposition of calcium carbonate and the subsequent decomposition of the vegetal components incorporated in the mass. It is by no means unusual to find imprints of plant and animal fossils. Incorporated oxides can give travertine colors ranging from milk white to walnut, passing through various shades from yellow to red. This material has reasonable mechanical properties and is widely used in buildings, since low hardness means it is very easy to work.

Travertino Giallo

Travertino Giallo »

Travertino Noce

Travertino Noce »

Travertino Rosso

Travertino Rosso »

Travertino Gold

Travertino Gold »

Travertino Dorato

Travertino Dorato »

Travertino Scabas

Travertino Scabas »

Travertino Colorato

Travertino Colorato »

Travertino Silver

Travertino Silver »

Travertino Bianco

Travertino Bianco »

Travertino Navona

Travertino Navona »

Travertino Romano Classico

Travertino Romano Classico »

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