Creme Du Provence

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Technical data card

  • Classification: Limestone
  • Availability:
  • Average block dimensions:
  • Main application:
  • Slab variation coefficient:
  • Compression tensile strength:
  • Tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles: 12,1 Mpa
  • Unitary modulus of bending tensile strength: 15,3 Mpa
  • Heat expansion coefficient:
  • Water imbibition coefficient:
  • Impact strength:
  • Frictional wear: 26 mm
  • Mass by unit of volume: 2500 Kg/m3
This limestone shines with a special brightness, synonymous of elegance and sophistication. The uniform base grey pearl colour comes to life through evanescent ripples that give an almost three-dimensional effect. Creme Du Provence is perfect for coverings and internal and external flooring.