Opal Ice White

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Technical data card

  • Classification: Marble
  • Availability:
  • Average block dimensions:
  • Main application:
  • Slab variation coefficient:
  • Compression tensile strength: 36,09 Mpa
  • Tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles:
  • Unitary modulus of bending tensile strength: 7,21 Mpa
  • Heat expansion coefficient:
  • Water imbibition coefficient:
  • Impact strength:
  • Frictional wear:
  • Mass by unit of volume: 165,07 Ibs/ft3
Opal Ice White appears like a frozen sky populated by fluffy clouds in shades of grey and light blue. The splendid sunrays seem to filter behind these jagged streaks. The attractive design makes it ideal to be used for interior wall and floor coverings.