Granite is formed by the solidification of magma in high temperature and high pressure conditions. Granulometry is medium-large and occasionally includes mega-crystals. From a physical point of view, granites are extremely compact and have high hardness (6-7 on the Mohs scale) and mechanical resistance values. Granite is resistant to wear, exposure to atmospheric agents and pollution; granites are widely used in the modern building industry, especially for flooring/paving and monuments. Polished or brushed, this hard-wearing and attractive material is often used cooking tops in many kitchen suites.

California Brown

California Brown »

Aymore Brown

Aymore Brown »

Labrador Antique

Labrador Antique »

Desert Eyes

Desert Eyes »

Tropic Brown Honey - Granito

Tropic Brown Honey »

Tropic Brown

Tropic Brown »

Dakota Mahogany

Dakota Mahogany »


Violetta »

Najran Brown

Najran Brown »

New Caledonia

New Caledonia »


Polichrome »

Zeta Brown

Zeta Brown »

Tan Brown

Tan Brown »

Amazon Blue

Amazon Blue »

Sapphire Brown

Sapphire Brown »

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue »

Paradiso Bash

Paradiso Bash »

Paradiso Tamil

Paradiso Tamil »


Paradiso »

Paradiso Light

Paradiso Light »

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