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Molding natural stone means creating walls or laying floors, creating ornaments such as washbasins or shower trays from drawings, means implementing a kitchen with a monolithic bench or drawing a table where the veins chase one another.

Marbles and Granites coming from all over the world, found in the quarries that are the hardest to reach, to be able to offer the rarest materials with veins and colors always new and characteristic.

Travertines and Limestones, preferred materials for architectural studios, neutral and minimal tones, make designs and describe perfect lines and spaces.
The Onyx’s, an elegant material with sophisticated nuances.

Luminous accents for whom, designers, architects or customer, love stone in its double face, natural or back-lit.

With the semiprecious collection, Payanini satisfies fully the needs of that end of the market that loves to embellish its environment with the colors and shades of the precious stones.